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NGC 2238 The Rosette Nebula

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Clear sky (some LP) but for some reason I forgot to balance the rig so guiding was hard work!!

30 Lights 10 Darks

Stacked and processed in DSS and CS3



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Your stars look good even though guiding was tough.  IUs this a OSC image? 


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5 minutes ago, Ronclarke said:

Not sure what an OSC image is Rodd? This is a reduced jpeg from CS3..

One Shot Colour (as opposed to using a mono camera with RGB filters).

It's the start of a nice rosette. I'd recommend taking flats to remove the vignette. This is causing the central part of the image to have a heavy gradient. Flats work best but if you can't take them then you can remove much of the gradient in processing using GradientXterminator in Photoshop or DynamicBackgroundExtractor in PixInsight, for example.

Here's a quick adjustment to remove as much of the gradient as I could:


What were the length of the subs you took and what scope and camera did you use?

You have a very solid red cast to the image which may be light pollution. Again, if you take flats then any residual gradients such as LP or moonlight are more easily removed.

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Hi Ken, it was taken with a modded DSLR (1000d) and I do have a bit of light pollution, mostly to the North of me!

Subs were 120 and 180 secs using a SW ED80 Pro on an HEQ5.

I'll try adding some Flats during the week and a bit more processing, thanks for your input Ken..




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A quick reprocess with more saturation and contrast, what do you think??



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