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hi, getting my first tracking mount delivered tomorrow. Can anyone give me or point me to a good guide for polar alignment for the SW SA. Also any tips/tricks 



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I would get the polar finder app and a RA camera viewfinder to save your back, if you search you should find examples and methods for connecting it but it works just as well held in place.



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I'd get synscaninit app on your phone or tablet as it uses the same reticle so easy to get PA'd..

Have fun with it..im sure you will

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Make sure you mount it on a sturdy tripod,

take your time with polar alignment, there are quite a few polar alignment apps out there for both Android and Iphone

Take care with the polar illuminator, it very easily becomes dislodged, there are adapters available for that as well (in the process of acquiring one myself)


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ok, its arrived in all its green and white glory. with a single dslr am i better off using just my ballhead or using the l bracket so i can use the polar finder? 

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