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Experience with larger telescopes on the Mesu200?

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Hello all,

The performance of the Mesu200 is unquestionable excellent, and I'm very happy with the performance I get from mine with a 10" Quattro riding on top. It performs very well handling a pixelresolution of 0.94" (camera resolution not the RMS which is much better of course).

Planning for a future permanent setup under excellent seeing, I wonder if there are any users who has experience regarding the upper limit of the Mesu200 for photographic use.

It's tempting to try with a large newton astrograph, but wonder how it would handle a weight close to 60 kg and 0.5" pixel resolution. Common sense tells me to aim for less and not go beyond 40 Kg/1600 mm focal length.

Any thoughts?



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I replaced my 8in Newt with a Skywatcher 14 inch f4.65 over Xmas. Its early days but so far everything performs as it did with the 8 inch on board. My guiding is around 0.4 arscecs and increases to 0.7 in bad seeing. 

The scope and accessories weighs 30Kg and I have 30kg of counterweights to compensate.

Time will tell whether I keep it like this or go back to a smaller scope, mainly because a large aperture increases the effects of the seeing and it doesn't handle the wind very well.



Skywatcher 14 inch telescope on Mesu Mount.jpg

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Hello Bill and Tony,

Thanks for sharing experiences with the larger scopes on the mesu. 

It's reassuring to see the Mesu is up for the job.

Bill, I understand that 14" with the dew cap is not happy with wind gusts. Maybe adding heating on the secondary, removing the dew cap and leaving the truss open would make the guiding less sensitive to wind.

I'm considering the Hubble Optics HNA (maybe they can build a 16") or the 14" truss newton from Altair Astro (if I can get an offer and an estimation of the weight).



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Hi Heine,

Thanks for your advise about removing the dew shield etc, I will be buying  the Kendrick secondary dew heater designed for this 80mm secondary mirror and I'll try the scope without the shroud as well. My concern with removing the shroud is light leakage when doing flats. I will try it first and see how the flats go.

The HNA from Hubble Optics  looks very promising going by their website, and  the 14in F4 astrograph from Altair looks well constructed and designed for mounting on an EQ mount. 



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    • By ZS1RA
      After what felt like a decade my Mesu e200 was finally delivered. It is such a beautiful piece of machinery, no frills just pure functionality.
      I had the counter weights manufactured locally and completed the mechanical assembly, pretty straight forward. Thanks to @Jonk, https://stargazerslounge.com/profile/37161-jonk/ for providing me with the dimensions for a 16,5kg counterweight in stainless steel. I downloaded and installed SciTech.exe plus the other bits of software to make it work. The only thing I’m still uncertain about is Carte du Ciel. I’m used to Stallerium for my Skywatcher and Celestron PWI, which I love. I guess I’ll just have to get used to CDC.
      I need some assistance and would appreciate help. My mount is not going to have the luxury of a permanent pier, I have to move it off the balcony every time I’ve finished my session. I have a very limited view of the South (I’m in South Africa) and no view of the SCP. Despite this I can polar align to a high degree of accuracy with the Synscan routine embedded in the SkyWatcher EQ6R Pro hand controller. Having had a cursory glance at the help menu in the SciTech Polar Alignment tab and it appears that I will need to have a view of the Celestial Pole. Does anyone have advice please? 
      Thanks Shaun

    • By astrocatinfo
      After a few months waiting for this astro jewel piece of equipment the Mesu 200 arrived a few weeks ago. From then on I designed the new adhoc designed pier.
      I haven't started calibratring everything yet. The following days I will do so.
      Right now very excited with the new setup!

    • By Star101
      I recently received my MESU 200 mount and as the weekend was such clear skies, even with the moon being bright, I had to setup and test the new toy.
      In the past, using my NEQ6 mount, I would do as most do and start up SGPro, Check with Astrobin for a DSO and add to SGP settings, then off I would go. In this case, M51. SGP would slew to an area where it expected the DSO and take a image, plate solve and then adjust and start imaging.
      I removed the NEQ6 mount and installed the MESU 200. I turn on the SiTech controller and no matter what I do I cannot get SGP to plate solve in the usual manner. It fails. Yet, if I do a Frame and Focus, then Plate Solve the image collected it shows the Success Icon but again, no matter which button I press of leave alone, it does not appear to Sync with the controller and will not move towards imaging. I have reverted to old school and using Cartes du Ciel to direct the scope to where I want to image and then PHD2 to track. 
      I know I am missing something but cannot find it or see it anywhere.
      How can I get SGP's plate solve and SciTech to sync?
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Star101
      Still in the planning stage for my new mount. At the moment my NEQ6 Pro spends most of its time in the garden with a tarp over it. I have decided that my new mount, when it arrives, will live in a ROR shed. The location of said shed will be where the NEQ6 is now ( see avatar ) at the bottom of the garden. 
      I have managed to get the go ahead for a 10' x 8' shed with a gazebo type posts to aid the roll off roof. My thoughts are, how small could I make this shed as the scope will be mainly used for AP? It will be on a 10" diameter self made Peir.
      Any positive advice welcome.
    • By NigeB
      Dear All,
      I'm seeking the opinions of those who have used a Mesu 200 in ServoCat and SiTech guises...
      I'm preparing to send my mount back to Lucas Mesu, to fix some occasionally odd dec motor behaviour I've been experiencing. It's a ServoCat / ArgoNavis version, and I've been very happy with that setup - I can be up and running with a 1 star alignment in minutes, and I don't need a PC for goto and visual operation.
      Now, since it's all the mount I'll ever need, and it's going all the way back to the Netherlands, I'm wondering whether I should take advantage of this and upgrade it to a SiTech controller while it's with Lucas. I'm aware of the main (?) differences between the two setups - no park, plate solve, meridian flip, only basic pointing model on the ServoCat/AN setup. I've also read Neil C's (@ncjunk) very useful thread following his own upgrade to the SiTech. Clearly the SiTech is a much more sophisticated system.
      BUT... I've recently discovered the marvel that is Sequence Generator Pro, and suddenly, I've got much more functionality with the Servocat system - there's a really effective plate solver which always puts the target in the middle of the frame; a meridian flip routine that uses calculated slew manoeuvres to get around the lack of a built-in flip routine, and the ability to automate the imaging of multiple targets in a session. In fact the only major element that seems to be missing, is "Park" - SGP can stop the tracking so the mount isn't driven to its limit, but it can't park in a specific orientation.  I don't own a fully automatic observatory - my ROR needs to be closed manually, and if I change that it'll probably be to a dome, so full park isn't really something I need.  
      Lucas has informed me that the SiTech upgrade is about €1210 - so not an insignificant sum, and on balance, I'm thinking that sticking with the Servocat / AN system is the right decision.
      Opinions gratefully received - am I missing something?

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