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Another Newbie!


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Hello everyone,

My name is Martin and I have just picked up the hobby.

As a kid i had a telescope and was out watching thy sky as much as I could but as I got older i forgot the hobby and moved to the city where you don´t see any stars.

Fast forward 20 years and  I´ve got a wife, a dog and a house in the middle of nowhere. First night in the house I went outside to walk the dog and I was blown away by the darkness and all the stars that I hadnt seen for so long.

It brought back all the memories from being a kid watching the sky. The very next day I went online and started researching the different telescopes and equipment.

Most of my google searches took me to this great forum and I have been lurking here ever since :D So many great articles on everything I was wondering. 

What i finally decided to buy was a SW dobsonian 10", a telrad finder  and a Panawiev 2" 32mm EP and the book Turn left at Orion. 

Since you apparently get cursed with bad weather when you buy new equpiment I have only been able to have a couple of sessions so far but Ive been able to observe planets, galaxies, clusters and nebulas. Stuff that I could never really seem to find as a kid (thank god for stellarium and other usefull tools) I'm also really glad i bought a better EP straight away because the ones that comes with the scope feels really pale compared to the Panawiev. 

going forward I´ve already made a list of stuff to spend $$$ on :)

1, more EP's

2, filters

3, focuser

4, bigger telescope :o

Sorry for the long text and alot of rambling in broken English ( not my native tounge) 

Peace and clear skies!

Martin from Sweden



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Welcome to the SGL. 

I like the fact that your needing a bigger scope already, as if 10” is not big enough?

If you have the skies for it, go for it but check everything is doable! Transportation, storage, use!!!! I can’t use my scope during the summer months, it’s just not dark enough this far north, and your even further north!

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