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Monkey Head under a Supermoon NGC2175

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Also from SE London.

I have resisted imaging this target up until now as I thought it was rather boring, but faced with a clear night, on the night of a full Supermoon, I didn't have a lot of choice of targets.  It was due to cloud up at around 11.30, so this was as much as I could get. 

3 x 600Ha + 8 x 900 Ha
oiii 6 x 300 binned
Sii 5 x 300 binned
Mapped SHO
Atik460EX, EFW2, HEQ5
Skywatcher 130PDS and Baader coma corrector


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Thanks Astro Buer.


What are the narrowband filters you use? 5nm? 3nm? 

Baader: Ha 7nm, Oiii 8.5nm, Sii 8nm.

Astrodon smaller wavelength seems to produce the best results, but I refuse to squander that amount of money.


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1 hour ago, JemC said:

I'm sorry Carole, but i am struggling to see what is boring about this wonderful image, :icon_biggrin:

Well I guess its an example of "beauty being in the eye of the beholder", but I think it is lacking in interesting detail.


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Boring or not I cannot say, having not seen it with my own eyes* nor with my camera (not got it attached to anything yet)

All I can say is that your image is very fine indeed :)

* I have never looked for that cluster (mostly I seem to gravitate to the M35 region ) so thank you for a new aspiration, as for the nebulosity- I wonder - will I be able to see it with a 9.25 > wanders off  >> to have a google, thanks Carole, very interesting.

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