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First time with a scope - warning contains very poor image!

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Only got my first scope two days ago and been waiting for a clear night since. Tonight was just overwhelming. I am so new to this no idea what I was looking at and thats where I need to slow down and approach this more methodically. However had a great first night in my back garden with my Dob. Got a little difficult to see much when moon came up high but I had already had a good couple of hours being absolutely amazed.

I think I am hooked.

I do not have any imaging equipment yet as I just wanted to get a 2nd hand scope and get to grips with whats out there first. However, whilst looking at the moon at the end of the session with a lowish power lens just couldn't resist trying to take a shot with my mobile through the EP (see I don't even have a camera) just holding by hand.  Thought it just wouldn't work but quite surprised how it came out. 

Please don't all shout at once, I know compared to the photos I have seen on this website this is not what you would call quality but for my first night stargazing I was pleased with it. All being well I can only get better. :hmh:


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That’s quite an impressive shot using your phone :) glad you're enjoying the new scope, here’s hoping for more clear skies!

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Hey, that's pretty good - particularly for your first night out with a scope. Keep going... and if you're lucky enough to get a hole in the cloud, try the same thing when the moon is showing a different phase - like first quarter ("half") or less. You lose the crater rays, but you gain shadows and the craters and mountains will really stand out.

Nice job! 

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1 hour ago, teoria_del_big_bang said:

All being well I can only get better.

Show that to your mates and I'll doubt they'll say its bad, but the more you try the better it gets.
One of my first was taken on an Android phone, same scope, just different conditions, its a closeup showing craters, should be in my gallery!

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Don't beat yourself up, compared to my feeble efforts with my Android phone that's a master piece. Mine were so poor I gave up and reverted to just visual.

Good to hear you're having fun, I find this a very engaging hobby and being able to share our successes and failures with fellow enthusiasts adds to the experience.

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30 minutes ago, Astro Imp said:

Don't beat yourself up, compared to my feeble efforts with my Android phone that's a master piece. Mine were so poor I gave up and reverted to just visual.

Good to hear you're having fun, I find this a very engaging hobby and being able to share our successes and failures with fellow enthusiasts adds to the experience.

Cheers Alan,

So many encouraging comments from people I don't feel so bad now. However, it is just a bit daunting posting pictures and such after looking at some of the fantastic images some members manage, they just astound me.


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