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Eqmod phd backyard eos on Android tablet


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Thinking of doing away with my laptop to free up a bit of space in my camper van when away from home at star partys

Can I run all theses programs Eqmod phd and backyard eos on  a Android tablet and if so could anybody recommend which tablet to buy



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You could use the tablet to control the laptop, via remote desktop, but running the programs directly, that would be a no, as there are no native builds of the programs to run on Android.

If you used a Windows tablet you may then be able to 'run' the programs, but I'd suspect the device would labour under the load.

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"On a Android tablet" - not even with Indy . Native BYEOS /EQMOD do not run on Android - PHD does.  As someone has pointed out you can run EQmod/ByEOS/PHD on a windows tablet such as Lynx etc - no problem just make sure you get the larger 4gb ram/64gb version 12x64 i think its called- you may have to compromise on speed but not by a lot as you are not asking a lot of the tablet and you will still connect from your tablet to your DSLR via USB (you can do wifi on some models) .

 I ran them (And APT) on a Linx 1010 no problems except for having to move DSLR images to a usb stick (Lynx 1010 was only 2gb/32gb with about 12gb free after Windows 10 and Astro software loaded -so watch out for large Windows Updates)

You didn't mention  CCD capture(only guiding) etc so my answer is based on what you stated. Plus you didn't say how you would connect to the mount (NEQ6) so I assumed USB/Serial adapter or EQDIR or BT.

You didn't mention a Planetarium software program but if required I would ,IMO ,go for CDC as its less CPU intensive.

Plus don't forget the power (amp hrs) batteries in Tablets dont last long (3hrs plus) unless you are plugged into mains constantly charging.

Had you been wanting to run full blown  CCD imaging then that would be a different story.

If you were hoping for a cheap solution - sorry no such thing. You will find other set ups using Windows Micro PC's (and sticks) but most decent set ups are >£400 if you want speed etc - "you don't get owt for nowt". You maybe able to get away with Indi equiv software but its a bit more complicated and less well supported than Windows products IMHO.

Hope that give you some more info to "chew" on.


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