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Polarising filters for visual


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By "revolvable" i assume you mean variable (2 part) filters. Variable polarizing filters are a bit more expensive. A single polarizing will do. You dont even need that to be honest. A single polarizing filter will do.............or just a standard Moon filter.

These will only cut down the brightness. They wont have much effect on cutting down light pollution. 

To help reduce LP, you need a light pollution filter (LPF). They help. It depends how much you can spend. 

Its a personal choice if you use a Moon filter or not. LP filters........work, depending how bad the LP is.

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I observe mostly in a Red Zone and, frankly, I don't know any EFFECTIVE LP filter. Any polarizer is useless for LP reduction. Sometimes UHC can help but not much. As they say, the best is a "gasoline filter", when you load full tank and drive to a dark sky area :icon_biggrin:. Or wait for a moonless night.

Variable polarizer is good for closely located objects different in brightness like Sirius A and B etc.  You can cut the price by getting 2 inexpensive single polarizers e.g. from eBay or so. Attach one to a diagonal or 1.25/2 adapter (in reflector) and the other one to eyepiece, or better, to an extension tube and you can change eyepieces on the go.



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