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Beginner camera recommendation please


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Hi all

Hoping for some assistance in choosing a first DSLR please.  I'm looking at getting a star adventurer for some DSO's and also wide field (Milky way etc) and also to attach to my very basic 4.5 reflector (it does have a basic mechanical tracker than can give a good 60 secs or so fairly reliably) and I would also use it for daytime shots.

Price is always key of course and my budget is £150 or so - for this on ebay I see I can get a second hand Canon 1100 or 700d etc. Which is the better camera and what should I be looking for in a purchase - eg, what is a decent shot count?

Any help much appreciated

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If you want to take full advantage of the Star Adventurers portability then I would go with a DSLR that has a flip out screen like the  600/650/700D models otherwise you will end up having to tether the camera to a PC/laptop or tablet or take up contorsionism as a new hobby. Have a look at Camera Jungle, MPB photographic and Wex too for used cameras, might pay a little more but you get better service more choice and a guarantee.


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TBH, I would not buy of the bay unless the seller is local to you and you can physically drive to them.

£150 is not going to get you into 700D territory just yet but the 600/650/700 are great starter and enthusiast cameras as Alan has already mentioned. I do have a 700D in the fridge.

Regards shutter count AFAIK neither the 4 digit series nor the 3 digit cameras 1100D/700D  display this in the menus, what you need to hope is that the 'seller' has used continuous file numbering for their pictures. When you go to view the camera naturally you will take a few shots with it. Now look at the picture number for the shot you have just taken. Most normal and honest sellers will have left this default in place and will not have 'clocked' the camera.

Otherwise look at the condition of the rubber grips, the rear right side rubber should be full of dimples and be dullish. If it is smooth and shiny the camera has been well used. I do have a 400D also in the fridge where the right side rear rubber has worn through!

Places to look, Classifieds on here, reputable dealers, MPB, Ffordes, London C Echange etc, with the dealers you will have security and in my experience total honesty when spending your hard earned.

Cheers, Rich

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