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If it's the diagonal that screws onto the back of sct scope then no, it will not take filters as well


if you want to use filters on diagonals, then you need to buy a 2" visual back (to screw onto sct) then separate 2" diagonal that accept filters. For example



The diagonal is threaded for filters on the nosepiece (see the photo) and you simply push the diagonal into the hole in the visual back and tighten the thumb screws.

It's definitely an advantage to have the filter on the diagonal because then you can just use all your eyepieces and not have to touch the filter again.

I assume you're asking because you already own the Celestron sct diagonal in question? If you can remove the sct attachment part from the Celestron diagonal by unscrewing it (give it a try) then Baader make a screw on front piece that should fit your diagonal so it can be used with a separate visual back :) 


This Baader part also accepts filters :) 

if you don't want to order from Germany, contact FLO and get them to order one from Baader in their next delivery.

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17 minutes ago, alanjgreen said:

Yes (in my opinion).

i had clicklock visual backs on both my cpc's.

Much easier to use with gloves on.

Is there any chance you could give me a link from FLO's website to show which 'click-lock' adapter I need for a 2" diagonal.


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