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Cone to Rosette - Now in colour

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Just finished processing this one... its taken two days and three attempts. And ive had to forego star colour, but the end result has turned out quite clean :)

The Ha lum is mostly 12x900, apart from the Cone - which I have added another 2 hours to. Not sure what to do next, possibly still in Orion while its around. Phew...  glad that one is over!


12x900 Ha x6 (+2 on panel 4) = 20 hours

8x900 OIII x6 = 12 hours

Star71, Atik 383L+ NEQ6


Thanks for looking! :)

(as usual, I will leave a link for pixel peepers!)


Pixel peepers Here

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6 minutes ago, Ibbo! said:

Very nice.

There is a lot of stuff round the cone.


Probably would have caught a lot more if I'd done another row along the bottom. But I dont wanna be doing that ;)

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36 minutes ago, LightBucket said:

That is gorgeous, just had a look at the high res version and when zoomed in on the rosette it almost looks 3D, excellent :)

Thanks :)  thats part of the reason why I post a link with my stuff now, large mosaics can often look a little odd when squished down for broswers.

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1 hour ago, Barry-Wilson said:

Outstanding Rob, very secial indeed with a glorious rich Ha red.

Nothing more to add as I'm speechless . . a  breathtaking widefield image.

Hat's off! :headbang:.

Thanks Barry :)

Actually, I might revisit the data at the weekend and tinker with it. Perhaps knock the saturation down a bit.... and something else I need to start doing is start processing things while wearing my glasses! Its only been a few months since getting them, and I noticed last night that wearing them really does help with getting the sharpness level right (otherwise I would end up oversharpening to compensate for my dodgy eyesight...lol).

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