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Yes, I have the 95mm rings which you can see in my avatar - I like them. First I didn't like the red color, but now I'm used to it. I initially planned to get them re-anodized in silver, but haven't done that yet.

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With the red colouring, aimed at Vixen or Tak triplet owners maybe. My Equinox is black& silver. (Vixens white rings would look more aestheic in a SW kind of way, and they are closed/unhinged which could be a bonus.)

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I have quite a few bits of PrimaLuceLab mounting hardware and their Eagle PC as well. I ended up with scope rings from PrimaLuceLab as there were only two companies I could find that made the size I needed. The other company were Parallex from the US. I ended up with both these makes of rings at the same time and so could compare them. The PrimaLuceLab ones were head and shoulders above the Parallex with regards to build quality and looks of course!!!

I kept the PrimaLuceLab ones and then used more of their gear to get my setup as I wanted it. Their equipment is well made and to me worth every penny and their customer service is really good too..... they are helpful, friendly and also deal with issues and returns professionally and efficiently.

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    • By daz
      Primaluce Labs PLUS Vixen/Losmandy dovetail clamp ** SOLD **

      Primaluce Labs PLUS Big dovetail ** SOLD **
      Both are in excellent condition and come with the mounting screws, boxed and include UK postage (small parcel)
      Bank transfer or PayPal (+fees)
      Thanks for looking

    • By stevebb
      Bit of a longshot, does anyone have a Primaluce Eagle 3 + cables going for sale. I am toying between this option or an Intel NUC/Pegasus Pocket Powerbox to automate my observatory.

      Thanks in advance and a Happy New Year.

      MIG Observatory
    • By 25585
      Bought to mount my Tak FC100DL using 2 clamshell rings. 
      Three knobs are definitely better than 2! 
      Primaluce red is mid-red, not pink. No photo shows the colour correctly because of its metallic anodised finish. Very pleasing. 
      Losmandy D bar is 495mm long. Holes are good for a Skytee 2 mount. Clamp knobs are aluminium. Heavy & sturdy enough for my SW 120 Equinox, C8 & an 8 inch Newtonian OTAs. Tempted to buy Primaluce rings now, as they do 95mm for FC Tak fracs. 
      Tak mounted photos to follow later. 
      I bought direct from Primaluce through their Web site & saved a little bit paying in €uros. 

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