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AZ-EQ5 and QHY Polemaster question

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I am considering getting a QHY Polemaster for my AZ-EQ5 mount. Has any one used this combination and did it work well? Also I have heard that the Polemaster can wash out if light pollution is present, how much of a problem is this? The light pollution is not bad but I have to look over the house to see Polaris and I wonder could overspillfrom it wash out the Polemaster. I would suppose this to in part depend on how wide the Polemasters' field of view is. Any observations and advice would be welcome.


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As no one seems to know I will have to find out the hard way,- just bought one. Maybe I will be able to contribute some help to some one else for a change.

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I live in the suburbs of London and still had to increase the brightness to see the smaller stars.


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Thank you Carastro, I'll bear that in mind when I set mine up.

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It will still perform, if I'm out the front of my house there's a led streetlight right where I don't need it..its ok if it's fairly transparent skies..jumps about abit on the final alignment part if it's not that clear

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As Carole said you just need to increase the gain, I have never had a problem wherever I have been with it, it just works.

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    • By AngHor
      I'm hoping to get a Skywatcher AZ-EQ5, and I want to use my SkyFi 3 and SkySafari 6 Pro to control the mount from my iPhone.
      I have been using the Skyfi 3 with an iOptron Minitower but it's erratic.
      The connection often gets dropped so I have to reboot the SkyFi and SkySafari : sometimes that works, but sometimes I can't reconnect at all.
      Does anybody have any experience using SkyFi 3 with an AZ-EQ5  ?  Does it work better in AZ mode or EQ ?
    • By cesco
      After two deluding years using SkyWatcher AZ EQ6 to handle a Meade 7” ED refractor, I got back to my previous mount, the manual Losmandy G11. I had to have maintenance performed by a specialized firm, and also to inspect the RA and Dec worms bearing screws and Oldham joints most accurately by myself. At last, after a good tweak and regreasing  I reliably got round star images in my frames, without guiding, up to 60 s exposure. I don’t care with longer exposures since I was forced to choose capture of many short shots, useful to increase the combined image S/N ratio, after my once dark sky site was ruined by light pollution.
      Still, a tiny RA drift still remains, as visible after capturing a handful of frames. I use the QHYCCD Polemaster for polar alignment, and I move the mount manually when accomplishing rotations of the RA axis forward and backward. The instruction manual strongly recommends not to do this by hand as it requires clutches release, possibly generating axis unset. Since Losmandy clutches do not need to be released for manual axis motion, I disregarded this advice. As expected, the reference star of Polemaster neatly follows the green circle when I put back the scope to home position. When I align by Polemaster the mount already aligned by the drift method I find exact coincidence of the two methods, not as time consumption, of course! PHD2 evaluation of alignement precision rates 3 arcsec distance of the true NCP.
      My former expectance with Polemaster was  better precision than with drift align in much less time … well, I get similar precision in much less time. Did I attain the best? Is this residual imprecision I get with Polemaster to be attributed to inherent matters of the mount? Is there any optimization for increasing the precision with Polemaster? Can poor mount leveling affect Polemaster  performance? What about imperfect RA and Dec balance?
      Thank you for advice and suggestions.
      Clear skies,
    • By Coastliner
      Hi All,
      I'm trying to balance my AZ-EQ5 as perfectly as I can, all was going well (all 3 axes) until I added the Polemaster. As this is off-axis it applies torque to the RA causing the axis to rotate until the Polemaster is hanging at the lowest point.
      I need to couterbalance this, any ideas how?
      Do I need to counterbalance this? Am I being too picky?
      I have considered taking the arm off and gluing the Polemaster onto the on-axis point of the top cover, but again, is this overkill?
    • By Yogesh
      I am looking for the QHY Polemaster for doing polar alignment. If you have one and no longer need it please send me a message and I will get back.

      Thanks and Regards
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