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Hiya from Brighton, UK


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Hi there,

After many years of interest  in astronomy and pondering the idea of buying a telescope, I recently took the opportunity to treat myself to a Bresser 8" Dob.

I live on the outskirts of Brighton where the light pollution doesn't seem too bad. It has of course been cloudy most of the month, but I did manage to get set up on one clear evening and observed the Orion nebula, Pleiades, some other open clusters, and I also managed to find Andromeda, which is the most fascinating smudge in the sky I've ever seen.

I'm here to learn and meet some like minded people, maybe even some locals. 



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Welcome to the SGL.
I'm almost at the top of the UK, light pollution can be avoided here, especially away from the towns and Cities.
Finding Andromeda tells me  your skies are acceptable. Just go and view Andromeda from a proper dark site and be prepared for the difference?

I mentioned living at the top? I used to fish off the Pier at Brighton, as a child with my old Man. Would be nice to see the sea at Brighton again.

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Hi Russ and welcome to SGL. :hello2:

So it's your fault the weather is :clouds2: and :clouds1: in the Thames Valley. I gotta blame someone! - either it is the US, the EU or you. :evil62: (only joking! - so don't take it to heart).


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Hello and welcome, Russ.  You will get heaps of good advice from SGL members all around the world but to make contact locally you might try subscribing to this site:


They will send frequent notifications of stargazing events within easy reach of Brighton where you will get the chance to meet other devotees and, with any luck, get the chance to try out other kinds of telescope and compare the quality of different  makes of eyepiece.  There is a registered dark sky site in the South Downs national park but it's over near Midhurst - a bit of a trek for you.  There might be other points along the South Downs Way closer to you with decent skies, though.  My wife's parents used to live in Saltdean and we often found the weather would change, for better or worse, when we drove from Surrey through the South Downs.  So if you're ever bothered by sea mist on the coast check the weather inland.  You just might find that an invisible hand has swept the mist away just a few miles inland.  We saw the last total solar eclipse in UK from Telscombe cliffs and watched an amazing meteor shower from the beach at Saltdean in years gone by.  I hope you have the same luck.

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