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Hey hello


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So looking at my post count i might have done this in the wrong order, but hey, better late than never.

Hi all, I'm a swede which will be looking at the sky from Norway due to work (same same i reckon).

Already gotten a fair bit of advice on this forum, well, one could say that you could tell me anything about telescopes and i would be wiser, i never looked thru one.

Hopefully i buy my first tomorrow.



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8 minutes ago, Charic said:

Hi Rambi, welcome to the SGL.

Do you have a specific telescope in mind?.........there are some that could/should be avoided?

Thank you
C5+ is what i'm going to look at tomorrow, I almost went "according to me" full retard as i usually do and was about to buy a 200p on a eq5, good and better for sure, but 1, its my first scope, 2 i live in a tiny apartment, 3 drive a lotus elise, so it was not the scope for me. C5+ seems more like what i want to begin with. I know i will take of like a rocket if i like this hobby/lifestyle and upgrade if that's the case but for now it seems appropriate.  

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Lol, I can just imagine the 200P in the Elise!!!

Not impossible though. 

Hopefully some C5 aficionado's will be here to throw some light on the merits or pitfall's with the C5 scope, but I have an inclination that  you know what your doing, but if in doubt, just keep asking. 

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