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Buying advice Celestron c5+

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For visual it doesn’t really matter if you are a couple of degrees off. It will still track OK. 

Overall you got a great deal. The eyepieces and barlow are probably worth more than what you paid for the whole kit. Free C5+!

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I don't really understand how that wedge works, but if you are at 60 deg N you only have to tilt the mount by 30 deg, and at the north pole 90 deg N :icon_biggrin: not at all.  You can tilt the tripod itself a bit if that helps - it will have the same effect as adjusting the wedge.  I'm sure you will figure it out once you take it outdoors on a clear night.  I anticipate that you WILL have to roughly polar align the mount to make it track.

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On 2018-01-19 at 01:29, Ben the Ignorant said:

The photo you show has the scope mounted upside down with the finder under the diagonal, this is how it's supposed to be oriented:

^This and what i have attached with this post really gave my brain some trouble today.
I'm glad someone had uploaded a copy of the manual on the web. I guess my DEC circle is off? When EQ aligning it and the wedge is correctly set to the Lat and the stand set to north then the polaris should be more or less bang on with the DEC sat at 90?




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As you say, the DEC scale seems to be a long way out, and so you need to adjust it as per the instructions if you intend to make use of it.

Don't set your expectations of the circles too high. They may not do more than get objects into the field of view of the finder scope. If the setting circles on small portable mounts were of much use, GoTo would not have become so popular in the years since your telescope was manufactured. :happy11:

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