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Hello from PEI, Canada


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I received my Celestron 114 with a EQ mount and a motor drive for Christmas, from Santa,.. (me!)

I was quite surprised and a little suspicious of the price, $150. Sounded to good to be true, but hopefully good enough to tell me what I will need to upgrade in the future. Included lenses are a 20mm, 4mm and a barlow. So far, limited opportunity to get out and use the scope. Clear nights are VERY cold this time of year. -38C was the worst, with a windchill of -54C. It was so cold that when I brought the Telescope back inside the tube had shrunk enough to prevent the dust cover from fitting.  And I do this for fun?? BTW fellow Canadians, if you have never used 'Hot Hands', get some. Great inside gloves (or pockets) and boots, and way cheaper than electric socks.

So far, I have spotted a few of the brighter stars.  Nothing to brag about, but I am learning my way around.  So far the EQ mount has been a pain, (due to my lack of knowledge I expect). And the motor drive is still in the box.  Finding a dark location is a challenge. I envy those who can set up in their backyard and enjoy the night sky. 

Other 'hobbies' include electronics for about 45 years now, keeping my old minivan running and tinkering with computers. Of course as a homeowner, I am also a plumber, electrician, seam filler, carpenter, all with varying degrees of expertise. 

I have gotten a LOT of information from this forum, and I hope someday to be able to give back. So, please continue to provide info to us newbies, you have no idea how useful and welcome it is.

Thanks, Roddy

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