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Live rocket launch

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I made a rocket like SN8 when I was about ten years old.  I can understand why SpaceX may be having a few problems today.  I had terrible trouble getting the tin foil to stick to the cardboard tube.

Not sure if anyone else interested in this sort of thing, but in about 30 mins there's a live launch here: http://www.ulalaunch.com/webcast.aspx  

As seen here in this uninterrupted footage from somebody on the ground with an LX200 and some nice tracking software. It's an incredible feat.  The little detail (from the press conference) that

Posted Images

Looking good so far!

I guess there is no 1 stage recovery because so much of the vehicle is taken up by a large second stage to gain Geostationary orbit as compared LEO vehicles that don't need so much, err...ooomff!! So smaller 1 stage?

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Just now, Sp@ce_d said:

Gosh, when I think back to watching Apollo as a kid this is amazingly clear coverage & in colour ;)

There is some utterly spectacular high definition video of Apollo launches on YouTube. Nothing will ever tingle my spine in the same way as a Saturn V launch. 

Fill your boots, while remembering 3 blokes were sat on top of this thing!


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That was the most amazing launch since Apollo, notwithstanding the Shuttle.

They have finally made something that counts as a real spaceship, rather than just a rocket.

Next step is a shuttle.

I wonder if the central booster made it?


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