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Live rocket launch


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There's an APP for all launches, the best are the Space x ones that then land again, amazing abs exciting when watched live. 

Liftoff: Rocket Launch Schedule by Vatthikorn Apiratitham


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10 minutes ago, Mr niall said:

Has anyone checked this is really real and not some dreadful hoax? Like 9 hours of us watching a photo of a rocket with some photoshopped steam coming off it?

Peter is now in bed laughing, thinking 'gotcha' ! ;);) 

Might knock it on the head now....

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5 minutes ago, Stu said:

Peter is now in bed laughing

Very good. I was really hoping this would have launched on time. Can't hang on any more, night night. Bet it lifts off any minute now, straight after I log off ?

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