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It's not only new equipment...

Guest telescope4u

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Guest telescope4u

It's not only new equipment that brings in the cloud and rain.

Here are some do nots if you want clear skies. :laugh:

1. Don't plan on using equipment the same day you purchased it.

2. Don't plan your viewing around weather forecasts.

3. Don't set up your equipment until at least 3 hours before.

4. Don't anticipate anything (never, never,never)

5. Don't invite friends round for a viewing.

Here are some do's if you want clear nights.

1. Plan to take you partner out for a meal.

2. Pretend you don't want clear skies.

3. Plan your clear skies around what's on TV..... i.e. if there is really something you want to watch, that's the night you are going to get clear skies. But never set your video in advance.

4. Lock your equipment in a cupboard.

5. Plan to have an early night.

6. Invite friends round for a meal. (do not invite them round for a meal and a scope viewing).

7. Go on holiday.

8. Sell all your equipment. (but to no one local).

9. Install an extra strong security light.

10. Invite all your friends round, with their new equipment, and set up all your scopes, in anticipation that the weather forecasters told you that it would be an ideal night to get some great views of CLOUDS.

More ideas are welcome.

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