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Which method to guide Star Adventurer???


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Hi all, I have recently purchased a 50mm guidescope, Synguider 2, Primalucelab guide rings and a mini vixen style dovetail plate.

I have spoke to various SA users all of whom either guide from the dslr hotshoe, or on the counter weight side of the SA L-bracket. To be honest I am going around in circles. 

50% of fellow SA owners have advised I guide on top of the dslr for differential flexure reasons. However the other 50% guide via a ball head on the other side of the L-bracket. I was informed that if I do mount it this way as long as I guide from the equatorial plane or as close to the imaging train as possible, there should be no reason to encounter guiding errors. Also it helps equilibrate the SA and reduce flexions and inertias.

(I really don't know which option one to go for)

Would any of you knowledgeable people be kind enough to help me out.

Much appreciated



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52 minutes ago, Ryan_86 said:

Nice ser up russp??

How does it perform when guiding?

Is balancing ok?



No idea on guiding yet, not had a chance to use it - I set it up primarily to use for polar alignment with sharpcap and as a finder scope with the intention of seeing if guiding helped. Balance is fine as shown but I suspect with anything heavier than my 300mm prime that's on above I may need a little more counterweight.


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I see, all trial and error hey.

I have decided to go for this configuration. I just balanced it, the weight seems to be evenly distributed in RA & Dec. So much so the counter weight and bar might not be needed. I will weigh them tomorrow for piece of mind. 



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Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but did you get on with this setup? Did the synguider work with the star adventurer? I’ve seen a few questions about it but no definitive answers where someone has tried it due to the synguider correcting 2 axes, but the SA only using 1. 

Did that position of the guide scope work well in the end?

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