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Hello all , due to moving house, it is with deep sadness that I need to sell my gear. Most  items I would prefer not to post and would be collection only , any smaller items that can be, postage will have to be covered by the buyer. If you are interested in any of the items please send a P.M and we can discuss it , So here goes 

  • Skywatcher Esprit 80 ED pro triplet in alu flight case  this has not been used   £750.00  SOLD to Kaliska
  • Field Flattener for the above scope , this has not been used                          £ 80.00    SOLD to Kaliska
  • Skywatcher evostar 80ed ds pro + mask , used in G.C                                  £220.00 Sold
  • .85 R/FF for the above scope , used                                                            £100.00 Sold
  • Baader 2" click lock M56 for the evostar                                                       £35.00  SOLD to (Adeking)
  • 9x50 finder , used                                                                                      £25.00 Sold
  • AZ EQ6 GT GEQ & ALT -AZ  , used twice                                                     £900.00  SOLD to  jbro1985
  • QHY Polemaster, used twice                                                                      £170.00  SOLD to Kaliska 
  • Baader Neodymium 2" filter                                                                       £ 30.00  SOLD  Stargazer McCabe
  • Baader H-Alpha 7nm ccd filter                                                                    £ 100.00  SOLD to  Handy_Andy

As far as I know all the literature will be included as from new and in all their original boxes , all the above are like brand new and have been loved and cared for .

I would love for someone to buy job lot at a price of £3500.00 , which would include many items I have not listed , power supply , many adapters, leads ect ect  

If you have any questions please feel free to ask 

Thanks for looking  


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Interest withdrawn.    

Edited by CrashEd

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20 minutes ago, LightBucket said:

I would have the Baader Ha filter if 2” and if avaialble, money waiting... :)

Hi LightBucket , sorry you missed it , it's now been sold

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58 minutes ago, red dwalf said:

hi, is the ASI 1600MM-Cool the newer "PRO" version ?

As far as I know , it is not , sorry 

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