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And so it begins... (Part 2)

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Now we've got our first scope up an running my four year old daughter is enjoying getting some close up views of the moon.  Wide image taken with a Google Pixel phone and the moon image through the scope is with an old iPhone 4 attached by a smartphone adaptor with a 25mm lens (I think).  No processing.  Scope is a Skywatcher Heritage 114p.  Lets call the wide shot a competition "entry" and the moon pic a "For info only" companion piece.  First time using the smartphone adaptor and it was a real bonus - made things so much easier for her to view than trying to get her to see through the eyepiece without ever being able to know what she's managed to see.26142500_10215539940636243_1738377174_o.thumb.jpg.8daa51ca4163815703841ce3d89e5367.jpgphoto.thumb.JPG.a1c876d03790f07cb4ff67e4341ec974.JPG 

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