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RDF Mounting to scope rings help needed

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I have a refractor in a set of CNC rings which have screw holes already present, I think these are probably for mounting a guide scope however I'd like to mount a red dot finder instead to complement the 10x50 finder.  Does anyone know what finder mounting bracket I could get that would fit these holes, or what I could do to make one fit?  It needs to be low profile so that the scope will fit in its case, I will remove the finder when storing the scope so a quick release type is what I'm after, something like this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/finder-mounting-shoe.html but preferably in black.

Here's the scope:


I want to avoid using a single screw as this seems like it could easily lose alignment.  Also not sure what size screws I will need, I have some but haven't tried them yet (and don't have a finder mounting bracket to test with).

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TS  do the following product. I use it to put a finder on top of the CNC rings as this one has a flat base. Depending on where you put it, it will cover two mounting holes.

The holes are probably metric, mine are on William Optics rings, and they are M6.





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    • By KP82
      Recently got a Baader sky surfer iii RDF along with a quick release finder shoe to replace the flimsy plastic 6x30 stock finder on my Bresser AR102xs. The problem is the adjustment of the red dot is very limited. The red dot can only be moved within the lower left quarter of the full circle before neither of the control knobs can be turned any further. As a result I haven't been able to get it aligned with the scope.
      I thought Baader made good quality accessories (the quick release finder shoe is very well engineered), but it looks like either I've got a dud or the unit is not well designed.
      Is the Altair starwave all metal RDF any good? Or can anyone recommend an alternative model?
    • By JonH
      Hi All, 
      I have for sale the following:
      William Optics Binoviewer - £135. This is boxed and in excellent condition. SOLD.
      Telrad Finder - £22. This is boxed and in excellent condition although being used, it will need new sticky pads on the bottom. SOLD
      Baader Sky Surfer III - £15. This is also boxed and in excellent condition. SOLD.
      All items can be cash on collection or posted if the buyer pays postage.
      Also a heads up for future sales posts: most of the major items for a full PST mod, including PST, D-ERF filter, Coronado BF10, Vixen A80M, filter holder and finder. Also a MN190 + NEQ6. Pictures and prices to follow.

    • By ChargeNut
      I recently got a Celestron Astromaster 130EQ Telescope for my birthday and have been having loads of fun looking at and taking photos of the Moon over the last few days. One issue I had with the scope was that I couldn't angle the Red Dot Finder down enough to align it with the object I could see in the Telescope. I have been using it by taking note of the distance the red dot was out and trying to direct the telescope taking this difference into account. It occurred to me (before I looked at this forum) that if I could only raise the tail of the red dot finder higher (I could see that to bring the dot down the LED at the back was raised), I could get the alignment accurate. I took the mounting bracket apart and looked at the design of the plates. I then designed some new ones in Sketchup widened the back dimension and, as I have a 3D printer, printed the new ones out. The new bracket plates are 2mm wider at the back hence raising the back of the finder higher by 2mm, which in turn lowers the red dot down to it's correct alignment point.
      I thought I'd post on here to say how I resolved this issue as I notice that others had also suffered from this problem.
      I have posted the STL (design) files for the 3D parts up onto Thingiverse should anyone want to download and print some for themselves, I will also put out an offer to print some for others should they not have access to a 3D printer (just PM me).
      Here is a picture of the new mount plates in place.

    • By jonathan
      I have this rather nice looking red dot finder but so far have been unable to find a suitable riser mount for my telescopes.  I purchased a riser mount for the finder but the base does not fit the typical Skywatcher / vixen finder mount.
      I get quickly confused between all the different types of rails and mounts so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction for a way to mount this finder on my Altair Astro, there is one finder base there already which I use with my finder scope (excellent, but not as quick as a red dot finder to use), I'm thinking maybe I need to attach a dovetail bar down the top of the scope rings and get some sort of rail adaptor that my red dot finder will fit onto.

      This is the red dot finder:

      The stand I bought optimistically hoping it would fit a normal finder base:

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