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The Moon 28 December 2017 - 33 pane mosaic

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My first chance to image the Moon during the "open" time of this competition! - The weather has really been that bad.

This is a mosaic taken with the following kit:

Skywatcher ED120APO, 2.5x Powermate, ZWO ASI120mm mono camera. (Just for the record it was -3°C outside :cool: )

Each pane processed in Autostakkert3 - 200/1000 frames stacked for each pane.

Sharpened in Astra Image using Lucy-Richardson deconvolution, followed by combination in Photoshop to produce the complete image.  A tiny bit of further sharpening and a tweak of curves to get the contrast sorted.

Saved as a PNG file to keep the file size down!  It is still nearly 62Mb!!




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