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I bought a pair of these 15x70 Celestron binoculars which arrived yesterday. Typically the weather is awful but they have been great for watching aircraft take off from Wellington airport. I’m going to blog about them here if you’re interested. Here’s some pics:




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Wow just had a chance to try them out. Had a great view of the Jewel Box, Southern Pleiades, Carina Nebula, Orion Nebula and Tuc 47.

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Congrats - I've the 20x80 which is very similiar. I love having big astro bins for quick and easy casual gazing. 

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Hello Sam the Celestron 15x70 binos are fantastic value. Noting the objects you observed makes my mouth water. I took some Celestron 15x70 binos to Yosemite about 2 years ago and the views of Scorpio and Sagittarius were fantastic.

Regards to NZ and best wishes for 2018.

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Thanks Mark and Elliot. The views from Yosemite must have been fantastic Mark!

Elliot, do you use a tripod? I could imagine the 20x80s would be quite heavy, I know my 15x70s are heavy after a few minutes.

Here’s the link to my latest blog about the binos, with star maps! For those not too familiar with the Southern Sky.


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Oh I'm familiar w/ the southern sky. That's why I won't dare spy your maps. If I'd known when I began, I doubt I'd have begun looking up w/o first moving to the Keys. Your southern skies are to ours what Hubble is to one of my eyes. AND, wouldn't you know, the only tree line we contend with is south. But I like your glasses!

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Thanks, they’re awesome to use, unfortunately the weather was rubbish last night, this was the view over Wellington harbour.


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