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A night with 12" dob

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Hi everyone have just come in from a great night of observing using my 12” dobsonian with a talrad finder and some printed off star charts from the internet. Have been looking forward to getting out all day after buying a UHC-S filter. I started off with the Ring Nebula and played around with a few eye pieces combined with the UHC-S. I found it hard to see much difference I don’t think I had my night vision to be fare. Any way from there I went on to the dumbbell which was good then to the double open cluster in Cassiopeia which always impresses me. Using a 21mm Hyperion eye piece I then decided to go for the vail nebula not knowing what to expect. I found that this was where the UCH-S Filter really proved it’s self. I think without it I could have missed it. At the moment it has got to be my favorite there is plenty there to study. I then got brave and went for the snowball and little dumbbell and found them both I was on a roll. I finished off with a few open clusters M33 M34. A great night and I am looking forward to the next evening of stargazing.

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Wonderful report Dean, you certainly were on a roll! :thumbright:

Your mention of the Little Dumbbell brought back a funny newbie memory. I looked for that little guy for about 45 minutes before finally locating him.. when I finally did, I whooped so loud all the dogs within 2 miles started barking. :bino2:

Ah, those were the days... :smiley:

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Hi Dean - good report. I'm going to be trying for some of those objects soon as I'm getting a UHC filter to help with the nebulas. Glad that you were able to track down some of the trickier stuff. I tried for the Snowball and Little Dumbbell last night but no luck.


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