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M33 - 70D+414_osc+428_Ha


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This was an experiment in imaging one target (M33) with three cameras and then combining the three components into one composite image.

  • 70D dslr+ED80DS - 10x120s + 10x180s + 10x240s combined with HDRComposition in PixInsight.
  • 414osc+ED80DS - 7x600s processed in PI
  • 428(Ha)+WO-ZS71 - 10x600s Ha processed in PI.
  • All the components were registered in PI using StarAlignment.
  • 30% of 428-Ha was combined with the 414-Red in PS using a Lighten layer.
  • The Ha enhanced 414osc image was then combined with the widefield image from the 70D using a masked layer at 45% opacity.


I was trying to get the wide field view from the dslr with the enhanced detail from the 414/428 but I'm not sure it has worked.

Any advice and help would be much appreciated.

Thank you for looking.




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8 minutes ago, MarsG76 said:

Great amount of detail... using 2 different cameras might have brought out a bit more details in the galaxies nebulousness.

Thank you.

I think my processing skills are limiting the detail that is available in the data; in an attempt to control the noise I think I might have lost some nebulosity.

It's all part of the learning process.

Thanks again.


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