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Last question :)

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Just now, Glimpse111 said:

sturdy mount is always ideal so I would say start with HEQ5 but I have seen people achieving results with Alt-Az mounts as well so NEQ5 is a good way to start

If i can i would really start with heq5 or even 6, but my budget allows me only for the neq5 which is the best in that price range

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Just now, Merlin66 said:

Pulse guiding is an option...but first you need to consider how you will guide your 130pds....

A secondary smaller scope piggybacked, and a suitable guide camera (QHY5Lii or similar)


Well, firstly i think that im gonna use dslr with lenses than when i learn the mount i will use the 130pds

But for dslr i still need guiding for long expos.

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