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1 hour ago, Barry-Wilson said:

A beautifully balanced image with glorious star colour. Super job.

Thanks Barry.
Was toying with a bit more colour but settled for what it was.

47 minutes ago, Scooot said:

That’s fantastic Mike, now I know what I should be aiming for :) I love the Hyades Cluster.

How do you manage to avoid over saturating the stars with 300 second exposures? 

My normally approach is just a masked stretch in PI and then just tweak levels and curves in PS CC.
The data from a 7500foot dark site is so good it's  nice and easy to process.

24 minutes ago, kirkster501 said:

That's really nice!  Love this widefield stuff.

I'm hooked on wide images. :)

21 minutes ago, peter shah said:

just gorgeous....superb colour lovely processing

Thank you Peter.

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    • By orion25
      Here is a video I shot of the waxing crescent moon and Aldebaran. No occultation from my latitude *sigh* . I added an original composition, "Throwing Umbra", played on solo guitar synthesizer for the music soundtrack. Enjoy!
    • By wxsatuser
      The closest known planetary nebula Sh2-216 near Capella,  from the DSW Rokinon setup.
      Above Sh2-216, just creeping in is Sh2-221 a super nova remnant and the little bright blob is Sh2-217.
      This really needed longer exposures it has a low surface brightness and is quite a large object.
      46x600secs Ha Rokinon 135mm f/2 QSI 583 Astrodon 5nm filter.

    • By wxsatuser
      Not much doing here so decided to attack some of the recent DSW data.
      Seagull Nebula Sh2-296 from the DSW Rokinon setup.
      56x600secs Ha Rokinon 135mm f/2 QSI 583 Astrodon 5nm filter.

    • By wxsatuser
      Sh2-205 plus NGC 1491 in Camelopardalis from the DSW widefield setup.
      26x600secs Ha, Rokinon 135mm f/2 QSI 583 Astrodon filter.
      Stacked and post in PI and PS CC.
      Thanks for looking.

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