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Lunar X - 2018 Start Times


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2018 Lunar X Predictions (approx "start times"):


Using Werner (1.2 Sun Alt) with coordinates of:

LAT      -28.0

LON     3.3


Date                Time           Sun Angle at the X at this time


01/24/2018    0442UT          -.975 @ X

02/22/2018    1807UT          -1.025 @ X

03/24/2018    0657UT          -1.064 @ X

04/22/2018    1913UT          -1.082 @ X

05/22/2018    0702UT          -1.079 @ X

06/20/2018    1837UT          -1.054 @ X

07/20/2018    0614UT          -1.010 @ X

08/18/2018    1809UT          -0.956 @ X

09/17/2018    0632UT          -0.920 @ X

10/16/2018    1930UT          -0.901 @ X

11/15/2018    0859UT          -0.903 @ X

12/14/2018    2246UT          -0.935 @ X


Average = -.0.992 @ X


Someday, when I have time, I will use Sun angle at the X of -1.000 to predict the start of event.  Either way, the times are very close as the start of the event which is somewhat subjectional...


Dana T

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I'm having some trouble finding the right time to try and observe this..


Am I missing something or are there some very different opinions on when this event occurs? EarthSky says you can see the Lunar X four hours around the first quarter. I saw on another source it was 2 hours before first quarter..


Heavens Above tells me first quarter in my location is around 10:30pm tonight and I live in the UK. So according to the times posted on this thread.. Ive already missed the Lunar X as it was at 0442 this morning.. I'm rather confused. Any help would be appreciated.

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