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Hi everyone.
I'm back, and trying again to get a decent DSO photo! :)
This is my personal favourite so far, so I must be getting better! haha
Still a long way to go with the processing skills, but I'm sure I'll get there.

23x Lights - 120 Seconds - ISO800
20x Darks
20x Flats (Yes!  I've started to use these!!)
20x Bias
Processed using Photoshop and ProDigital Astronomy Tools

Hope you like it. :)
Thanks, Mike

M31 Andromeda 15.12.17.jpg

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Nice detail in the dust lanes. Looks a tad green on my tablet, but nice all the same. Looks like you've achieved your goal.

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Just now, Stargazer33 said:

Looks a tad green

It is. :)  It was a tad red before... I'll figure out the colour balancing one day.
But I'm happy with what I've managed. (Secretly over the moon, as its my favourite one I've taken so far in my early days in this Astrophotography game)

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Thats the spirit....   I still get that feeling of 'Wow' when it all turns out and those hours of freezing yer nads off in the garden pays dividends.

I'm liking the dust details as well.....  well done.



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I had totally forgotten that I had this green removal tool installed. :)

I've run it on my master copy, and it is indeed less green now! :)

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Looking good so far. Yes there is a tinge of green, which can be removed as described earlier in this post. You can also fix this by slightly reducing the green channel in your RGB levels. Not as effective as HLG in photoshop or it's equivalent SCNR in Pixinsight. But better than nothing :)


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Looks better. I think there is still a little residual green in there, but I like it! 

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