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Hybrid mounts for imaging - Good or bad?

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I'm putting together a beginner setup for AP and had decided on the Sirius EQ-G (HEQ5).  I see that Orion makes a hybrid version, the Sirius Pro Az/EQ-G.  I know the Sirius EQ-G is a good beginner mount, as I see it referenced everywhere as a good place to start for just about anyone beginning in AP, but is the hybrid mount equally stable?  Does anyone have the Pro Az/EQ-G who can comment on stability for AP?  I'd really like to have the Alt/Az functionality for quicker visual setup, but if it will interfere with stability for AP, I'd have to consider buying a separate setup for visual use.  Thanks in advance for any input. 

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I have same Hybrid mount but from Skywatcher, all manufactured under same name "Syntha i think", and it is very good mount and steady enough for imaging or AP, so don't worry to get it, You won't regret it, i love mine and i like the dual mode.

No need to show examples of what this mount can do, you can search around, but if you want long and have doubt then you won't get anything, in fact i feel those AZ-EQ6 or Pro Atlas is like EQ6 mount + AZ/ALT mount, taking the best of two and combining together, even if that EQ alone is slightly better that doesn't mean EQ-AZ isn't good enough.

Good luck and congrats in advance!

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