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UHC filter for canon

Galactic Wanderer

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I have one of these, a Baader 2" UHC


I find it very useful for moderate light pollution and when the Moon is starting to cast shadows.  The 2" thread allows me to screw into a filter wheel or Flield flatteners or Coma correctors etc....  so good for DSLR and CCD, maybe even eyepieces..... but I tend to image and so I'm not sure on the last point.

I was just posting another thread on Imaging with an 80mm when I saw your post pop up.

Here is a pic I took last night using it and an 80mm F6.25 'frac, with modded DSLR.




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Hi Seb,

Thanks for your post. I have been using an Astronomik clip-in UHC filter since mid-November in my Canon 600D. I live in quite a light polluted area and with the filter have been able to comfortably take 8 minute light frames of nebulae with my Star Adventurer mount, DSLR and 85mm lens at ISO 200 and f/2. It has let me escape a lot of the limitation caused by light pollution. I would recommend it to you.

A couple of images taken this way. The Heart and Soul Nebulae region-


And the Flaming Star Nebula region-



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I have used the 2"/48mm Baader UHC-S successfully on a DSLR but there are two potential disadvantages - if you have to step down a lot from the lens filter size you will be stopping down the aperture and may get vignetting, and it's hard to see stars to focus on with wider angle lenses.

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