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What did the postman bring?

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43 minutes ago, Fraunhoffer said:

Sky-Atlas - second hand.
Going to fish out my old drawing circles to make some FoV and Telrad acetate templates now...

That looks very interesting. Could you post a few open pages on here for a wee peek. 

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My very first refractor, the new WO FLT 91, this is going to be my imaging telescope when I can get my hands on a Skywatcher mount.  

Just arrived and amazingly well packed... triple boxed, with spacers 😮 Nestled inside was a gorgeous Takahashi FC76-DCU 😃 I can’t believe how light it is compared to the StellaMira 80mm, and

Just received my dibond print of my veil mosaic, thrilled to say the least. The photo makes it look a little washed out when in fact it looks quite the opposite.

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1 minute ago, johninderby said:

And nice big knobs you can really get hold of. ?

I have a Robin Casady dovetail clamp with red anodized knobs, holding my big refractor, and I was thinking of a nice PrimaLuce Losmandy style plate to match the knobs. What do you think John.

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First impressions are it feels really solid and having the clamping part split in two means it should really clamp down well. Although just using vixen type dovetails at the moment I want to be able to upgrade to the Losmandy type later on.  

A Primaluce dovetail would look nice with Big Red. ?



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I am really not sure if this is in the 'spirit' of this great thread or not but - hey ho - today, the postman brought me a Drummer From Another Mother. More knobs than a mount's hand-controller and telescope combined! ?

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44 minutes ago, johninderby said:

A simple to use synthesizer supposedly. Simple compared to brain surgery I suppose. ?

I do love a challenge and this and its interconnections represent plenty of challenges for an ol' git like me! ?

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I broke it!  Or to be more precise whilst I was testing, the mast fell down and the top of the lens caught the corner of a concrete paving stone.  The top lens element has completely disappeared though I suspect it or the fragments ended up in the pond.  I tried feeling around in the bottom of the freezing cold pond for a few minutes but found nothing.


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Just arrived from Sweden, thanks to the excellent care of Martin @martinl in pristine condition.


Many thanks Martin, you're a true gent. :thumbright:

Stanley, my TV-85, has his own set of eyepieces to keep him company during the eons of cloud cover. He didn't have his own dedicated 7mm yet, so I was in the habit of onboarding the 7mm T6 Nagler whenever it happened to be Frac Night.

Lest my eyepiece agony be over (Goddard Forbid) I can now release the OCD demons. The range of focal lengths I use with Stanley is complete, ah yes, but the set is not consistent! DeLites at 3, 4 and 7mm, Naglers at 5 and 13mm! (The 24mm Panoptic goes without saying.) Goodness. What to do.

Should the 5mm be a DeLite, or should the 7mm be a Nagler? When the clouds clear and the wind stops and the cows come home and my mother-in-law's house freezes over, I'll be on the case to find out.


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