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What did the postman bring?


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Received today. A mint original collection Meade 5000 UWA 4.7mm included everything from the original USA purchase.

super happy to have this in my collection now 😊



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Took advantage of the discount, cheers FLO! Nice try with the "clear skies" sticker, better luck next time. Looks like it'll be staying in the box for a while, based on forecasts 😞




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Posted (edited)

How did this thread end up here?

well, this turned up today, the base that is, for a grand sum of £4.99. Had to search around my den for the rest.

The Acuter 60 looks lost on it really, could take a Mak 90 I reckon.

The through bolt came from work, can’t remember what it was attached too, but free is my favourite price!

The angle holder was chucked out amongst some other Astro gear, again from work, the vixen mount came with a scope, so now has a use finally.

And…..not your usual eyepiece, can you guess where it’s from?





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The sheer size of this thread has started causing some performance issues with the forums search indexer!

I’ve created a new thread, please consider following that one and posting there ongoing:

We will refresh this thread every year or so to stop it building up so much in future.

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