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What did the postman bring?


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Not the postman but amazon I needed some rubber feet for the planet as the wife was giving me the evils last couple days and I thought best get some rubber feet so looking I thought bet I can do better than about £30 so good old Amazon next day via prime and they look and do the job very well £8





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17 minutes ago, KevS said:

Do they make them to fit a EQ6-R Pro? I have seen them advertised for EQ6 and having just bought some nice red rings and a dovetail for my set up from the same company it would satisfy my obsessional behaviour to have everything match. Being the same colour I might even be able to smuggle it past the "astro police". 

Not 100% but I think there the same as AZEQ6  

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1 hour ago, garryblueboy said:

Quality mate I’ve always been a ADM man but I love the finish on these and same money 


1 hour ago, johninderby said:

Had the Primaluce puck and saddle on my AZ -EQ5 when I had one. Was very solid. 👍🏻


Thanks both @garryblueboy and @johninderby

Hope fully will arrive this week. FLO a little slower than their usual magic delivery times but no biggie. 
Do they come with the bolt on hardware or is that for me to sort ? 

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13 minutes ago, johninderby said:

Don’t remember it coming with bolts or at least the saddle didn’t. I bought a pack of bolts to attach the saddle hence why all the bolt holes are used. 😁


The saddle came with mounting bolts in centre x4 obviously the puck uses existing grub bolts 


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Not the postman- had to drive to N London (😳) to pick it up- another stamp in the passport!

Hoping to use it with the Tal 100RS But it's a lot smaller than I had imagined- don’t know if it’ll be up to it. Nice and light though!


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A TS-Optics 1.25" Crayford Focuser to replace the toy focuser on the Star Discovery 150P. Very fast DHL delivery from Germany. It was only ordered on Friday morning. A nice surprise!

Happy just touching it. A very smooth knob action and it's lightweight.

Black adonised screws and low profile nuts are otw from Ebay.


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My first order from our friends at FLO arrived yesterday.
Obviously things are running a bit slower at the moment with COVID, but that did mean that the out-of-stock EP became available before dispatch😁

All these items were chosen based on (multiple) recommendations from forum members.
Although my Other Half and I plan to upgrade to a GoTo before too long, I figured an RDF would still be a good call in the short term.
I still can't believe that the filter is our most expensive purchase to date, by some distance. You have a lot to prove, little UHC, when the darker skies return!
We tried out the new EP last night on the moon. As it was a 12mm, I thought it would be nice to compare it against the 12mm stock Kellner that came with the budget 'frac we use (no specs for the stock EP of course, but I had previously calculated a 33° APOV from a drift test). Wow, very impressive - I've never viewed through an EP with a 60° APOV before. Lord knows what the view in a 110° Ethos is like, but that would be more than we were planning to spend on the next scope😂

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I got a Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 EdgeHD with StarSense. Stayed up late enough to view the moon and was bowled over. I set it up with the App, took about 5 mins.

Really looking forward to getting some use out of this and seeing what I can see.


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Moan warning! 🙄

I'm waiting for an eyepiece coming from a fellow SGL member, but Royal Mail has let me down... 

Firstly they try to deliver it when I'm out. I then go to the Sorting Office the next day with the card, only to discover it's open between 7am till 9am, but shut on a Wednesday. So, I'm out Thursday morning, but have arranged a redelivery to a neighbour's flat.  Fingers crossed! 🤞

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I know what you mean - I seem to get astronomy and music deliveries on alternating days at the moment... Amazon has just been but it's a music book. Tomorrow I am expecting RM and UPS to make astronomy related deliveries....

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