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The new maiden launch date for Falcon1


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The tentative launch window for the maiden flight of Falcon 1 is March 20 through 25.

For those of us with good memories this is the semi reusable spacecraft that will be carrying 21st Century avionics on board its said to be the most cost effective ways of getting a payload into space although I somehow doubt that they will be shouting that one from the rooftops tops much longer due to its inability to achieve launch That said I am a fan of this enterprise and must take my hat off to their fine due care and attention to detail in making it a success Even though my guess the US Military must be giving them hell as they have a lot of stuff to go up on the spaceX Companies books

This Company Space X was started by the chap who made Paypal great then sold it to Ebay among other great things he has done so far I personally wish him and all at Spacex the greatest respect after all." they ain't no NASA!)

No disrespect intended either


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