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So I tried imaging a star with a Neximage...


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If you are an astrophotographer newbie or professional, you are probably aware of the Neximage line of astrophotography cameras made by Celestron, Probably one of the best choices for Solar System imaging at least in my opinion :). I've had my Neximage Burst for a year and a half now and it is incredible how much fun it is to take images of our Solar ystem objects such as Giant Jupiter and it's moons, Saturn and it's glorious rings and Venus with it's beautiful crescents on display and who can forget our beautiful natural satellite the Moon? Which harbors craters and mountains of every shape and size. Our Solar System is a wonderful place and cameras like the Neximage allow us to picture these amazing objects with our telescopes. But, a Neximage in my 4.5 inch reflector telescope may be able to snap a great picture of Jupiter and it's moons over 400,000,000 miles away. But can it snap a picture of one of our stellar neighbors? A picture of an object the camera is not intended for? An object like Capella, a G type star 42.8 light years away from us and is the 6th brightest star in our night sky. I pointed my 4.5 inch 'scope at the star with the Neximage in place, I recorded a 2000 frame video of Capella and stacked and processed the picture in Registax 6.1 and my results? Ehhhhm it was "meh" the colors are kind of visible and it looks star-like but a nearby fainter star kind of smudged the final image during alignment. But maybe in the future I can try and sharpen my images better by practicing on Capella for a while and then moving on to other stars ( I was supposed to try and get images of Polaris and Aldebaran but Mother Nature had other ideas by covering up the sky with clouds :angry1: ) The image of Capella is below if you want to take a look. :happy7:

Go raibh maith agat gach duine!

Clear skies!



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