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RGB 'Super' Moon

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It pains me to call it that, as discussed in another thread! :) But I did also say that if the hype generates a bit of interest, gets people looking up, and makes them aware of light pollution issues then ho-hum.

In that vein, this image from the 3rd of December isn't just an image for me, it's a record of a fine imaging and observing session with excellent seeing and also some good outreach. Not just random passers by but as I alluded in the thread I referred to, a few neighbours and locals who'd come by specifically to have a look at the 'super' Moon. All of them seemed generally interested in the facts of the event and understood why the effect isn't visible with the naked eye. So I felt like I did some good work.

The effect was noticeable while capturing images though, The full lunar disc is a tight squeeze with the Mak and the Nikon normally so the extra 2% made a difference and I had to fine tune my alignment to stop it drifting off the top of the chip.

I also had a passer by asking if I'd ever seen a UFO, "I'm being serious" said he, "I've always been into all that' So I had the opportunity to put my diplomacy skills to the test too.

Enough of my tall tales, here's the image for your consideration.

It's 50% of 240 frames captured, processed using Pipp for alignment, AS!3 to stack, IMPPG for deconvolution and sharpening. Then because IMPPG produces a mono image I boosted saturation of the original stack output with a median filter to keep the noise down and sat the sharpened output from IMPPG on top as a luminance layer.

It's a large file but worth it if you have the bandwidth (I think so anyway)


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2 hours ago, ollypenrice said:

Personally I might just ease down the green by the smallest of tads....

You're right of course :) How about this:

Knocked the green level back by 3. Makes enough of a difference I think.



It doesn't take much adjustment to make a difference, before and after histogram for anyone who's interested.



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