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Coronado pst

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Hi all, been a while since I’ve posted! 

Ive not done much imaging lately, the weather for me has been the biggest hurdle, however; I’m of to Spain for a few weeks in February and I plan to take a Coronado PST and a tripod...

i plan to use my guide camera the QHY5-Lii mono for imaging and a 4x Barlow...

I’ve not done much solar imaging so I need a little advise on the kit I’m planning to use...i.e.     is it good enough, is f40 going to get me close up (I’m assuming it will) 

what software would you recommend and what frame rate is achievable?

i have an opportunity to purchase  used Imaging source DMK 21AU618.AS MONO camera.....would this be better than the qhy5-Lii?




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F/40 is going to be way too high for use with Qhy5LII.

I would personally go without barlow if scope is already F/10. For 400m fl (I'm guessing that Coronado PST is 40mm scope?) it will almost cover full disk, so you can do two movies and create two panel mosaic to display full solar disk. With such small aperture you can't really achieve good resolution to "go in close up".

In H alpha optimal resolution with that camera would be somewhere around F/11, so F/10 is a good fit to get optimum detail.

I think you will be able to achieve around 30fps, and I would recommend SharpCap for capture.

DMK 21AU618.AS MONO would probably server you better for small planets than it would on Sun and Moon compared to Qhy5LII.

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The 618 is more sensitive to Ha and a good camera for solar imaging albeit a small chip size.

You may need a x2 barlow lens inserted into the eyepiece holder to achieve focus. x4 is too much.

Remember the PST was designed as a visual instrument and has always been problematic for imaging.


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