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Options for moving to a larger sensor

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Hi all,

I'm considering moving to a camera with a larger sensor than my Atik 414ex

I've not really been keeping up with all the latest cameras and how they compare to the older generations. Does anyone have a cheat sheet/recommendation on what to be looking at?

It will be paired with my WO Star 71 V1 and my rig is comfortable guiding at around 15 minute exposures. Mono is essential as I mainly image DSOs in Narrowband from the back garden.

I have a budget of up to £1800 for the camera body and am open to both new and used suggestions.

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Cheers Tim.

On paper it has an imaging circle of around 40mm if I remember correctly. I've never gone above the 414ex with it though.  I could test it with one of my DSLRS if I can get the adaptor off the scope ?.

The 383L still the goto camera for larger real estate?

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Also check out the ASI1600MM-Cool, QHY163M and Atik Horizon. All use the same CMOS sensor which is around the same size as the 383. Lower read noise allows shorter exposures but conversely requires more subs for a given integration time. There's a whole thread on the ASI1600.

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Cheers Kens, will add to my list for comparison.

The bonus point for the 383l is that second hand ones come up quite often and it would almost be a straight swap. I'd have to move up to bigger filters though I think.


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Really the only two that are significantly larger but then don't necessarily require larger filters (though for some 383 setups is preferable) are the 383 and the Kodak KAI04022 chip (like the Atik 4000) which by area is 95% of the size of the 383 but because it is square generally can use 1.25" filters (assuming the filter wheel isn't miles away).  The disadvantage is that it is more blue sensitive and less red (so worse for Halpha) compared to the 383 IIRC but which is partly made up for by larger pixels.  It is also generally deemed a noisier camera (though I have never directly compared) and generally a bit more expensive than the 383. However not having to pay for new filters would offset that (especially if you can find one second hand).

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