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HI Dean,

I use a Baader UHS-C filter myself and it does improve the view of planetary and emission nebulae like the Orion, Veil, Ring and Dumbell nebulae. The difference is subtle though and some nights I prefer the un-filtered view.

Tonight I could faintly see 2 parts of the Veil Nebula using the UHC-S in my 4 inch scope but without the filter it was not visable.

This filter does not make much, if any, difference on galaxies though.


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A narrowband filter blocks a lot of light except the light emitted by the object itself - including starlight!

That means if you pop the filter in between your eye and the EP, the stars will dim significantly, but your object will stand out more. Do this a few times, and you can work out which "star" is your target!

This method is called blinking. At least that's how I understand it...


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