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Lightweight Guidescope Mount Recommendations

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Ok, so here it is, I’m quite fed up with clumsy thumbscrew adjustment of my finderscope, so I’ve decided to get a guidescope mount that provides proper alt-az adjustment.  So I’m looking for recommendations for a lightweight guidescope mount.  I have looked at the Skywatcher offering, but this is a whopping 900 grams I’m thinking I’d like something closer to 500g or less if possible.  The intention is to mount my 80mm Altair Astro Maxi-Finder on this device.  Note the mount will be used for classical finder scope activity so the resulting kit doesn’t need the tight tolerances that would be required for an AP setup.

I'm not to sure about attachment requirements.  I'm assuming that attachment will be something along the lines of:


Standard Vixen dovetail bar

Dovetail clamp

Guidescope Mount

Dovetail attachment



Kind Regards


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For now use will be with my 80mm Maxi-finder for conventional observation as opposed to AP although this is a future consideration.  I attach a picture of the maxi-finder on a conventional synta dovetail mount.  I’m thinking that I would be better to lose the synta mount to bring the finder closer to the optical axis?



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