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Controlling a Losmandy G11 mount with Eqmod


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Hi all,

Before turning to AZ-EQ6 GT mount, I tried to upgrade my previous Losmandy G11 mount to autoguiding by use of a SBIG Relay Box connecting the PC to the mount through an ST4 cable. I didn't intend to transform it into a goto system -it remained manual- just wanted to realize an autoguided system, and I succeded for short exposures up to two-three minutes, but I wasn't able to scale up, hence I turned to the SkyWatcher. My Losmandy dates back to the end of 1990's, but never showed backlash and worm-gear play like the brand new AZ-EQ6 GT did. I was quite deluded by that, and I still complain and dream to realize a G11 full upgrade to a goto system. Now I wonder whether Eqmod ASCOM would make it, maybe just by controlling the Relay Box/ST4 connection through Eqmod. May somebody give me an answer? I would also like to get comments on the idea of a full upgrade of the G11: is it worthy of that? If positive, I would also like to explore more complex systems for the full upgrade, given that anybody has an idea.


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Hello from Vienna,

To upgrade your Losmandy G11 to a modern GoTO mount, there are few possible options..

1, to contact Losmandy directly, just google for it, Losmandy has all modern spare parts you can exchange as upgraede for your Losmandy G11, they could even give you ideas ?.

2, have a look to this thresd.. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/458457-new-avalon-stargo-drive-system-for-losmandy-mounts/ also an interesting upgrade.

3, do what I did, as I did have a losmandy, G11, did upgrade with ESCAP motors + FS2 controller.. all needed parts could be ordered from Here

4, finally you can also order from here the parts to make out of your Losmandy a GOTO Losmandy, look Here

For every hardware you decide for, there is an own software solution available to control it remotely and to cohtrol GOTO and guiding also         " since you did mention in your thread EQMOD "

The good fact about Losmandy is, almost all parts are exchangeable and upgrades are possible., though the upgrades are expensive.. $$$$$$

Good luck




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