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Hello everybody,

I am going to apply Permanent PEC correction to my AZ-EQ6 GT SkyWatcher mount in an attempt to eliminate most minor negative contributions to my so-and-so autoguide. I will do that by following instructions on the SynScan manual. Does anyone have some advice?

I also started using Guide Assistant of PHD2 and applying the calculated min-move and backlash changes suggested by the system. More, I tweaked the worm and gear bugs of the DEC axis to reduce the backlash, and after a few attempts I found the right position between screeching and jerky movements of the mount at one extreme, and shaky setup at the other. I hope getting some improvements to my awkward setup because I am afraid that the heavy (14-16 kg) and long (1600 mm focal length) Meade 7" refracting scope plus guide scope is close to this mount's limiting payload, and difficult to be correctly balanced. In addition to seeing, its length also makes it strongly sensitive to wind gusts making PHD2 log graphs look not so good. I cannot minimize these effects without changing my scope, which I don't want to do because of crisp images it yields under (rare) favourable conditions, so I started a search to minimize everything else that can be addressed.

Thank you for useful suggestions!

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I will watch this with interest as i have no idea how to attempt this and may well like to try. I would not have thought the weight was a problem even at 16kg, I believe 21 is top limit, I feel it is more likely the length of your Meade scope (rare one at that). I have aM/N 190mm on it now at 14kg and it handles it easily.


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Thank you. Also my suspicions always were more on length than on weight, even because I also put on an additional black cardboard lightscreen to the original one thus increasing the total lenght by 80 cm more....to prevent dew I shoud turn to an efficient electric resistence....this is another drawback to be addressed.


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      Here's one for y'all: what's a fellow stargazer to do to receive an answer, or any useful feedback, on a subject where are literally dozens of skilled and knowledgeable users?
      I just returned from another failed attempt -fourth, and probably my last one - at PECing my AVX mount. This time i tried the inverted curve provided initially by Metaguide and PECprep, thinking that maybe last time it was wrong since the PEC graph and the PE graph looked pretty much identical; PECtool managed to load it snd upload it to the controller, but none of the curves tried so far seems to work. Nothing works!!..... HOW EXACTLY DO YOU, PEOPLE, EVEN PEC TRAIN YOUR AVX MOUNTS??
      Seriously, i'm pretty desperate here, and horribly frustrated by this lame failure. Please, PLEASE, anyone (preferably knowledgeable), tell me what to do!  I see older topics where people flex their astro-muscles, with success stories. I find it hard to believe that absolutely everyone switched to guiding lately, or got into a mass amnezia.. Unless, of course, no one gives a rat's @$s about a fellow stargazer's trouble. In which case i might as well sell my mount, sell everything i have and quit astro for good, because i see no point in struggling like a mad man, with no help. I also tried private messages - got totally ignored. What more can i say....
    • By artoleus
      The struggles of a beginner learning how to use the equipment.  :-)
      Pointed mount North and Levelled EQ6 pro mount 8:30 pm Attached wireless release, 2" nose and UHC filter to Nikon DSLR Attached scope and camera, balanced scope for camera use Collimated the telescope -took 40 minutes of messing around Waited until dark.  Took the dogs for a walk around the field to pass the time Polar aligned using the mobile app and sighting against Ursa major. Rebalanced DEC for eyepiece rather than camera 3 star alignment. 1st star was way off and took ages to get it in the eyepiece Restarted 3 star alignment. - Selected a star behind a house. Restarted 3 star alignment -complete. Checked collimation using a bright star - perfect (should bloody be after 40 minutes!)  Tried to fine adjust polar alignment using a method discovered online (not drift- I don't think I have the patience.)  Didn't work. Restarted 3 star alignment then used the polar alignment on SynScan Took a look at Jupiter was great to look at but not what I set out to do, I want DS images... Attached camera Used live view (LV) to try to focus stars Pointed the scope at M3 and took a 2 minute exposure Tried again with a 4 minute exposure SD card failed.  Lost some family pics, grrr Now I have to explain to my partner that it wasn't because of Astronomy, these things just happen.  Replaced SD card Took some cautious 1 minute exposures of M90 expecting the camera to explode Pictures were faint so moved to 4 minute with a little more confidence telling myself SD card failures can just happen. Noticed star trails Located a bright star Decided to give PEC training a try.  Couldn't do it with an eyepiece. Tried with the camera in LV but noticed some gradual movement in the DEC axis. Hoped PEC training would sort this.   Moved onto the Spiral Galaxy Took some 2 minute exposures of the whirlpool galaxy.  Wireless timer worked flawlessly. Still a little faint so up'd the ISO and took some more.  More detail but more noise. Took some darks with the same settings. Packed away while the camera did its thing. Viewed the pics briefly on laptop. There was star trails (DEC axis again and blurring) Went to bed 1:30 am  
      So what have I learned?  Well DEC error was probably due to the balance of the scope being off.  I never did re-balance for the camera. I've also learnt today that I should bias the balance slightly East so the gears engage better.
      PEC training is a waste of time without an illuminated reticule which I don't have the desire to buy.   I'd rather save for a guide scope and guide camera.   I've learned I can refine the polar alignment after the 3 start alignment process. 
      I've also read on forums that perhaps I should manually move the scope to the first alignment start then continue with the usual process. I've also seen that two star may be the way forward for EQ6.  So perhaps next time I'll start with a 2 star, polar align using the SynScan handset then back to 3 star with the first manual adjustment.
      I should also purchase a few SD cards that are dedicated for Astrophotography and upload them ASAP after the session.
      The Astronomik UHC Deep Sky Filter worked wonders with the images for where I live.  I can now take longer exposures.  Assuming I sort out DEC errors and invest in guiding rig. 
    • By jkm13
      I am try to autoguide for imaging. however, result looks bit smeared stars even 2 min exposure. guide software is PHD2 and polar align is well aligned. the graph is not so good. if you can advice to help enhance autoguide success rate, please let me know. any advice would be welcome.
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