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Com ports in windows 10

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The COM port is created by WINDOWS at that moment when you attach a USB Cable of your mount or uSB to SERRIAL adapter.. Then your Windows wll generate a valid COM PORT with which your WINDOWS 10 device will exchange data with your mount..

EQMOD alone, will not generate any COM PORT, it is only a software.. and not a HARDWARE..

I have WINDOWS 10, and as long the USB CABLE of the mount ( AZEQ5 ) is not connected to the USB port of the laptop, WINDOWS does not create any USB PORT in device manager, only at the moment when the USB ( mount ) is attached or connected and the mount is truned on, only then a COM PORT is created in Windows device manager !!



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In device manager you will have to click "View" on the menu bar and tick "show hidden devices" then you will be able to see what com ports are assigned. As Martin has pointed out the com port is allocated when something is plugged in.

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2 hours ago, astro mick said:


I,m trying to set up EQMOD on a windows 10 machine,but eqmod cannot find any com ports.

Indeed i cant find ports in device manager.

Is there a way to do this.

Appreciate any advice.


What scope are you using?

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Mick, check out the reply to Jay I gave at the end of this thread to confirm which COM port is assigned to your EQMod cable when you plug it in. For Windows 10 you need an EQMod cable with an FTDI chipset which if you check the 'properties' of the assigned COM port will tell you. Older cables with the Prolific chip set really aren't worth trying to get to work with Win 10. With Device Manager open, if Windows can't recognise your EQMod cable to assign a port when you plug it in, it will create an entry with a yellow exclamation mark against it either in the 'Ports' section or in an 'Unknown Device' section.


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Dependent on your cable type to the mount from the PC the serial to USB drivers may be missing. Windows 10 is a bit particular about which versions of the drivers it will work with.

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