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After the deluge...


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...05:30 and restlessness forced me out of bed.  Stumbling around in the dark I glanced outside to see the clearest, pristine rain-washed sky!

Fortunately, the Canon 15x50s were to hand, so I stepped outsde for a brief Messier mooch.

Ursa Major was Spring high, galaxy time.  M101, the best view in the bins, hints of swirl and just, *there*.  M51 and companion, M81 such a marked contrast to M82.  M65 and 66 of the Leo Trio, clear as owt. 

Orion and the Miky Way setting, M42, M43 and M78 nebulae :)

Milky Way clusters of M35, 36, 37 and 38 a lovely horizontal sweep across the starry background.

I wondered why I was shivering, had rushed outside in not enough...

...back inside for a coffee and a warm glow, physical and mental.



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