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I've got one and never regretted spending the money over the equivalent Skywatcher model, although the prices were closer a couple of years ago. You get nice big altitude rings that cope well with varying eyepiece weights as does the rock solid focuser. I have changed both the 2" and 1.25" eyepiece clamps on the end of it to Baader Clicklocks though. 

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You should dismantle it when you buy it to make sure that all the screws fixing the ptfe pads are sunk below the level of the pad, otherwise they can dig into the aluminium runners. I've not changed my pads/runners other than adjusting the tension of the central bolt for az and the guides for the alt. Someone did once PM me asking about jerky motion on theirs but I've either fettled mine to a reasonable motion or it has worn itself in through use, maybe both. Also, when you first put the scope onto the rocker box slacken off the tube rings a touch to allow the alt wheels to settle into the right position and then tighten the tube rings up again. It is possible to put the rings on slightly out of square which could cause issues. 

I have added a riser section to the base to enable me to slide the tube further back in the rings than was possible out of the box. That was on the 8" though, I don't know if Bresser modified the design for the newer 10", I did email them about having to do it but I didn't receive a reply. 

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