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Widefield - Part of The Milky Way

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The image below was my second test session with a pre-loved Minolta MD f1.7 lens stopped down to f4 to stop flaring off bright stars which I found to be a problem with my first test with it. Camera used was the Sony a5000 on a tripod with shutter release cable, ISO 3200, f4, 29 x 8 seconds. Aligned and stacked in RegiStar with final editing in PaintDotNet. It was my first good result from a camera lens. Captured on the 14th of November 2017.

Location: Suburban backyard Mandurah, south west corner of Western Australia.


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Thanks happy-cat. The largest central nebula is Eta Carinae, just below to the left of the Carina neb is the Wishing Well cluster NGC 3532. Above the Carina neb is the Pearl Cluster NGC 3766. This is all I've managed to work out.

Below is annotated from Astrometry if that helps. I'd be very interested to know the rest too.



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